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FDA panel unanimously votes - CES has no significant risks.

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The purpose of this site is to provide information about a revolutionary approach to human wellness. It is called Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation or CES. Other names it has gone under include "electrosleep", "electro acupuncture", "electroanesthesia", "neuroelectric therapy" ("NET"), and "transcranial or transcerebral electric stimulation" and/or "therapy" ("TCES/TCET").


CES is a simple treatment employing mild battery-powered electronic stimulation through clip-on electrodes that attach to the earlobes or by pre-gelled electrodes placed behind the ears. Current flow is limited so that the most a user will experience during the process is a brief tingling sensation. Its most immediate impact is reduction of anxiety. For most people, anxiety reduction is experienced in the course of treatment, but it also may be first seen hours, or as late as several days after. After a CES session you are left feeling both alert and relaxed. Psychologists call this an "alpha state." The effect differs from pharmaceutical treatments in that people report feeling that their bodies are lighter and more relaxed and their mind more alert and clear. The results are cumulative and lasting.

CES has major implications in a number of areas. In the war on drugs, it is a formidable new weapon in the treatment of the symptoms accompanying detoxification and withdrawal. For those suffering from depression and anxiety, it means relief with none of the unpleasant side effects of prescription drugs. For those seeking nothing more than a good night's sleep, it is an alternative to habit-forming tranquilizers. For a public increasingly concerned with the effects of stress on physical health and emotional well being, it provides a way of addressing that stress in a safe and effective manner. CES - a treatment modality whose time has come.

CES has a proven track record as far as safety is concerned. There are no known negative side effects associated with its use. It also has a substantial body of research to support its claims. But because of the pharmaceutical bias in Western medicine, its deployment has been restricted and its use limited. It has also been difficult for people to find information on the topic. It has been challenging to define easy to understand parameters across traditional boundaries. This website seeks to be the definitive site for dissemination of information on CES and by doing so, nurture an expanded dialogue on health and wellness.

Charles McCusker, Ph.D.
Psychologist, Salt Lake City, UT

Disclaimer: The following information is the result of years of thorough research and investigation. It has been supplemented with materials from experienced practitioners and acknowledged authorities in the field. This information however should not be interpreted as a substitute for physician's evaluation or treatment by a healthcare professional, nor provide or confirm a medical diagnosis.
For a Centered State, CES Controls:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Substance Abuse
  • Stress & Stress Related Disorders
For Enhanced Learning Potential, CES Helps:
  • Supercharge the Brain
  • Attain a State of Relaxed Awareness
  • Optimize Cognitive Functioning
  • Achieve Higher Levels of Mental Performance
  • Enhance Memory Capacity
  • Facilitate Recall
  • Increase IQ